Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Strings Attached

I remember back during my childish moment at school whereby all girls including me very addicted with N'sync just because the Justin Timberlake.All girls will shout like a "crazy woman" if they heard about Justin. At that time, there is a limitation to access on the Internet since we are still a child.  I also doesn’t have too much money during my school life because what my father gave to me just enough for my foods, drinks, etc.etc. Therefore, I think to buy the N’sync album at that time are quiet expensive. So, we just can hear all the N'sync songs from the radio or television..owh very sad actually.(T.T)

No Strings Attached is the second studio album (fourth overall) by N'sync, released on 2000. One of the songs that I like very much is No Strings Attached. Here are some of the lyrics..

“He doesn't give you the kind of attention
That a girl like you needs (that a girl like you needs)
Cause he always looks around
His eyes wander 'round
He doesn't see you like I see

Take it from me
It's a lesson to be learned
Even the good guys get burned
Take it from me
Baby I would give you love
The kind of love that you've only dreamed of yeah
Baby you're not the only one (baby you're not the only one)
You don't have to be afraid to fall in love (to fall in love)
And I know that you've hurt in the past (hurt in the past)
But if you want it, here's my heart (here's my heart)
No strings attached”

And now, I am freely & easily can download any songs from N’sync album since now I have subsribed with P1 Wimax. So, no need to wait for the radio anymore..haha.. Not only download for the song but also I can watch any video that I like which I downloaded it from YouTube.. wah, save my time & save my energy..No need to ask other friends anymore..=) thank you P1 Wimax!!!

 Let’s have some fun together & enjoy watching this video…

Okayh, did u follow the dance together?? Its tiring..Yeah even me also..I’m tried to follow all the step but I can’t..never mind, juz to have some fun although I'm not professional in dancing. by the way,  its good for me to keep fit & slim since I’m quite lazy go for jogging..hehe

Yeah, after having some calorie-burning session, it’s good now to keep refreshing with  Adidas Action 3 .

 Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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  1. haha! i pon minat nsync ni.skang pon layan lagi lagu2 dorang.besh lagu dorang.hehe.


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